Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Season of change

I've been kicking this blogging thing around for a while, researching and comparing and have come to the conclusion that it's nearly time for a change.  When I looked at the pros and cons between Blogger and WordPress I found the latter holds much more functionality, tailored to what I would like to do going forward.  The former has made it very difficult for people to follow unless they are tied into Google and that bothers me on principle alone.

To that end I've started to build my next landing spot for all things books called The Motley Chronicles.  Ideally  we'll add some guest posts as we go but the focus will be very much literary.  I hope you'll swing by, give it a browse and let me know what you think:

We'll keep Top Shelf going for a while as this transition continues but I do expect we'll finish things up in the next month.  Thanks for always taking the time to read the blog and I sincerely hope to see you at The Motley Chronicles.

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