Friday, March 30, 2012

Engaging plot paves way for more

StarlightStarlight by Peter Alan Orchard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Peter Alan Orchard has all of the elements to launch an incredible full-length historical fiction in his short story, Starlight. Therein is the challenge for the reader because after a few pages Orchard has connected you to his main character, Ulf to a degree that you want to see him stand up and remake his life after Viking raiders leave him crippled and without a wife.

While this short provides little time and space to really create the dynamics for a great character, Orchard uses his time wisely to introduce you to a man and an age where a village was more like a family and adds enough flavor to the plot to make you hungry for more.

You'll get a very good feel for one of England's most interesting ages from the perspective of a common man who must find a way to rebuild his life. The writing is smooth and the lexicon is accurate. Your only trouble will be your want to know Ulf's fate. Four stars for an engaging short story.

Tom Clementson (The Kindle Book Review)

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