Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper or Plastic- Rinni’s take

Oh, for the love of books!  If you look up the word bibliophile, you very well could find a picture of yours truly.  Bibliophile, hmmm, sounds contagious right?  Well it should be!!  Everyone should have a great love of books!  A book, a book, a book, my books!!  LOVE THEM!!!!  

Mine hubby knows that I NEED my books and of course like any purist I prefer to get my fix in the paper variety.  Kindle or Nook might as well be a four letter word!

I fell in love with reading at a very young age, yes, as soon as I could sound out words and string sentences together there were books flying off the shelf.  3rd and 4th grade had me reading childhood classics like James and the Giant Peach and Charlott’s Web.  

A glimpse of Rinni's collection 
My first experience with heartbreak happened when I was in the 5th grade and we moved from Okinawa, Japan back to the states , and guess what?  Books are HEAVY!  Soldier’s are only allotted a certain amount of weight in household goods and in order to make weight sacrifices had to be made.  I think my ferocious tenacity to holding on to my books stems from this early childhood trauma.

As an Army brat, sibling, former Soldier and now Army spouse I’m all too familiar with moving boxes.  I’ve lost and let go of so many precious books over the years that I’ve finally drawn the line in the sand and said enough is enough and I CAN’T let any more go!  No no no!!

When I was deployed I read over 40 books.  My sister, Pabkins would help to feed my need via Amazon.  Packing up to come home I had over 60 books amongst my tuff boxes.  Ready for more heartbreak?  The shipping container carrying all my lovelies was lost!!  Oh, the injustice of it all!  A girl can only stand to lose a certain amount of books in one lifetime and I've far surpassed that quota.  

Oh, don’t worry I won’t be turning into a hoarder or anything.  I can still see the couch and the twins aren't sleeping on beds of books, yet.  Weight restrictions my big toe!  If (when) the day comes and big Army says we have surpassed our allowed weight, well, I see a climate controlled library/storage in our future until such time that our roots are content enough to grow.

So, perhaps now you’ve glimpsed a little of my book mania and I’ll leave it at that for now, I could go on but it’s time I let the man get in something edgewise.  I know how lucky I am, he indulges my insanity.  ;)

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